The Little Things in Life

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a difference.

While out doing a few shopping errands today, I knew I wanted to look at getting some clothes pegs.

Clothes pegs are just one of those terribly mundane household items we all at some point purchase. Whether setting up house for the first time, or needing to occasionally replace them due to them becoming lost or broken, clothes pegs are something that every so often need to be acquired.

Like a lot of very ordinary yet essential household items that have a purposeful function, we select a packet of clothes pegs with price often determining which packet we will in fact purchase (we all love a bargain, right?).

There might be a particular type of peg we found better than another type, and that too can make us inclined to favour one type over another, as we hastily make a quick decision in the laundry shopping aisle.

Sometimes it is the littlest things that do make a difference, when it comes to doing the mundane and the routine chores of daily life... Little things, like finding clothes pegs in a favourite colour, can give daily life's chores a tiny extra spark of joy.

48 clothes pegs for $4.00. My new favourite colour to boot......  Thanks, Kmart! I am rather pleased with today's find.

Homeschooling: Book Haul #2

I thought I would share a photograph of this latest lovely haul of books for our homeschooling library collection. It really is amazing what you can find in charity shops, and even on the sale tables at local libraries.

There were a number of interesting non-fiction books on various sports, as well several on caring for a variety of small pets, in amongst all those on offer for sale today at our local library.

Most of the non-fiction books I found looked to be in near new condition, and were hardcover books also. I try and get hardcover books if I can, when looking to buy second-hand books, as they tend to be in better overall condition than softcover/paperback books. This was certainly another great book haul, as the majority of books I selected to buy were hardcover ones and only a dollar each!

Our younger household members are sure to enjoy browsing through and reading this lovely lot of new-to-us books in days to come. With a great price per book, and with the majority of the books being hardcover and in fabulous condition, this was another fabulous homeschooling book haul for the month of October!

Home Office Organization: A Sneak Peek

There is nothing like achieving something that is both pretty and functional when organizing, right? Here is a sneak peek at what is gradually being set up for the home office, here in our neck-of-the-woods.

I am aiming to create a home office that will be truly delightful to work in, as this space is used several times daily for a number of projects, including homeschooling preparation.

I will post more photographs as it all gets further sorted and organized. In the meantime, here is the little sneak peek for you to enjoy seeing the start of everything looking shipshape and being sorted!

My Backyard: Mulching Progress

Today further progress has been made in the backyard garden, in the main orchard area. This terraced region of the garden is now just about completely finished off, with all the new mulch scattered and laid out.

We will eventually put the concrete pavers out again to make something of a pathway, once they have had a waterblast to spruce them up. It would be quite nice to put some type of garden seating here also, we will have to see what might be a do-able option.

Here you can see further around in this area of the garden. We have put down a thick layer of cardboard, which was then hosed down, and then applied a thick layer of the wood chip mulch over the top.

You can just see in the foreground one of the lemon trees. There is an abundance of fruit on these trees! We really do highly recommend using the Back to Eden Gardening method, it certainly has proven to be effective in our garden!

Here is a view of this area again, looking back towards the feijoa trees. Mulching the ground thickly will really help the garden through the coming summer months, because we typically experience drought conditions.

The grapefruit tree is covered in fruit blossom, so we may well have our first harvest this year from this tree. The leaves are looking quite yellow, so I plan to give it a dose of Epsom Salts.

We are excited about the prospect of having an abundant harvest of peaches this year. Look at all these baby fruit forming!

The mandarin tree is also covered in blossom. The perfume from the blossom as you walk past, is just so beautiful. We are looking forward to having fruit from this tree also.

The mountain of mulch on the drive is steadily getting smaller and smaller. With two wheelbarrows and a garden trolley busily being loaded and then used to cart it to the backyard, it should all be relocated fairly soon.

It is so lovely taking time out in the garden, and to see the change in the seasons being played out, as well as seeing the progress being made on the spring gardening front. Progress is wonderful!

My Backyard: A Bonus Harvest

With bright sun out this morning, it seemed a great opportunity to do a tidy up session in what was previously one of our largest potato beds.

The children and I enjoyed pulling up weeds and the last of the potato plants, as we hunted around for the treasure we were hoping to possibly find - hopefully some additional potatoes!

This particular garden bed provided our household with a significant crop of potatoes last summer. Having left whatever may have been present, to just grow through the past winter months, it was a great added bonus today to discover in fact that, yes! There were indeed additional potatoes tucked away, hidden in amongst the undergrowth at the foot of the grapevine!

This is what we have harvested so far. We have yet to do a final sort, but there have been some lovely surprises found during this morning's tidy up and treasure finding session. Look how big some of them have actually grown!

Mashed...roasted... We will really enjoy these extra bonus potatoes we have found today!

The weather has started to turn, and it looks like the rain is about to set in again for another round of spring wet weather.

Still, we have enjoyed the brief time had out in the warm sun, and being able to be treasure finders also.

Homegrown potatoes. Delicious!

Homeschooling: Book Haul

This is a lovely haul of books purchased at some charity shops this past week. There is nothing like finding a reasonably priced book, in fabulous pre-loved condition.

We love books in our household. This haul of books, will keep the keen readers in our family happily reading for some time.

A great bargain is always a great blessing.

Finding treasures like these when out op-shopping, makes the time taken to hunt through for sought after titles and authors very worthwhile.

Yes, it can and does take time to look through that which is on offer in any given charity shop. It does take time to check what the overall condition of each book is like also (books that have clearly been water damaged and started to deteriorate need to be passed over). Yet, when you find a book that will help complete a series that is keenly being read, or will help with a schooling project, it really makes the time spent hunting very worthwhile.

If you would like to know more about how I am building our homeschool library collection, leave a comment and share any questions you may have also.

The Beauty of Little Things

It is the little things that provide small, yet significant blessings.