My Backyard: Winter

Here are some photographs which were taken recently in our backyard garden....

It is always exciting to finally see results, after a time spent planting seeds. 
For what seemed like ages, I would come out & peek into this particular garden bed,
 hoping to see some evidence that carrot seedlings had finally sprung. 
Finally, they have surfaced! 

Our grapefruit tree has produced its first crop this winter!  
Seeing clusters of fruit coming to fruition is exciting to behold.

The grapefruit are all a good size, so hopefully it will not be too long now 
before we can be sampling our very own squeezed grapefruit juice.

Calendula flowers are still brightening up one small area in the garden.
They are a bright & happy addition within our backyard garden, 
as much of the garden seems so bare & stark at present.

Another calendula flower that was spotted looking lovely in the winter morning sunlight.

Miss Lucy was rather keen to take a close-up look at my camera.
She is quite inquisitive and was obviously trying to figure out what
I was doing with the strange object I kept pointing around the place!
She certainly looks so much better now that her feathers are all grown, 
and moulting is well & truely behind her for another season. 

The final photograph for now, from time spent in the backyard garden with my camera......
A closeup of one of several cabbages that are starting to fill out.

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