Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to visit here at my blog, Household Logistics. My name is Rhonda, and my family and I live in the beautiful Northern Waikato Region of New Zealand.

I began this blog back in August 2013, in order to document the day to day household logistics we as a household have taken on-board. It also documents the tweeking that occurs at various times, that has helped our household function more efficiently.

This is a blog that is very real. It is about the realities of home-life and the endeavours made, to create systems of organisation that work well for everyone, within a home, on a daily basis. It shares the ups and downs of what works on the home administration and organisation front, for all the various seasons and stages of our family's home life, with 2 adults, 2 children, three cats, five chickens and currently six rabbits!

Since 2013, it has been interesting to see the growing interest in this particular blog, documenting one New Zealand family's home-making and household organisation journey. It is not a perfect journey by any account, but rather one that is real and focused on being functional and serving as best as possible all our household members.

Clutter busting efforts, home decorating, backyard farming, the logistics and dynamics of managing & administrating a household for a family comprising of one full-time worker, one full-time home educator, a child attending a local school and another being homeschooled, the progress of DIY projects, the trialling of recipes and the undertaking of home-making projects ..... are all shared right here via this very blog!

Thanks again to all the readers that check in on the Household Logistics blog. Your positive feedback and comments mean so much. Please browse around and also come back later to read more posts from my-neck-of-the-woods. I post several times a week and look forward to sharing more of what makes up Household Logistics.